Setting up a Twitter Widget

The best way to add a twitter widget to your site is to use their own Timeline Widget. To add your twitter widget:

  1. Visit
    You should be logged into the Twitter account from which you wish to display your latest tweets.
  2. Click 'Create New' within the Widgets section. The 'Configure a user widget' page will appear.
  3. Under Options, enter the site URL in the Domains section. You can also select an alternate Link Color (it will default to blue).
  4. Select the 'Create widget' button and a line of HTML code will appear in a text box to the right. Copy this entire line of code and paste it into a Text Widget on your site. You can place the Text widget with your code in the widget area where you'd like the latest tweets to appear.

More detailed documentation and instructions are located in the documentation included with the theme. Be sure to check out the live demo for how this twitter widget looks and functions in the theme.