Enabling and Disabling Comments

There are three methods to enable and disable comments which can be used depending on your need. One will change the setting globally on all future posts, another will change only specific posts, and the last allows you to bulk change a large amount of existing posts. 

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Default Enable / Disable Globally on Future Posts 

Go the  Settings > Discussion to change the general WordPress commenting settings for your site. Untick (or tick) the box for "Allow people to post comments on new articles". You can adjust additional comment settings on this page as well. Be sure to save any changes made before leaving the page. 

Enable / Disable for Specific Posts

You can also go to the specific post (this you might need to do if some articles have comments already) and click "Screen Options" in the top right corner. 

Next, after the Screen Options dropdown appears be sure to "tick" Discussion. 

Then scroll down on the Edit Post page and find the discussion settings, it should be below the WYSIWYG content editor. Now you can select if that specific post should have comments allowed or not. 

Bulk Edit for Multiple Posts

Lastly, for a quick way to change multiple existing posts without having to open each individual post the Bulk Edit method can be used. Visit Posts > All Posts and tick all the posts that you would like to either enable or disable comments. 

Next click "Bulk Action" at the top and select "Edit" and the "Apply". 

Under Comments select either Allow or Do not Allow and then click "Update". 

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