Themewich Shortcodes Plugin

In order to use the Themewich shortcodes with your theme, you'll need to install the shortcodes plugin.

Note: You'll only need to install the shortcodes plugin for themes GridStack, Edition, and Struck. All other themes come equipped with shortcodes. 

Installing the Plugin

After you’ve downloaded the Themewich Shortcodes Plugin, log onto your WordPress Admin dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add New. At the top of the page, below “Install Plugins” click the “Upload” link and then select “Choose file” to choose the ‘’ file. Note: This must be the .zip file. 

Once you selected the correct file, click “Install Now”. The plugin will unpack, install, and then require activation. Select “Activate Plugin”. The Themewich Shortcodes Plugin is now activated. 

Adding Shortcodes

Once you have installed and activated the Themewich Shortcode plugin you can add shortcodes to any content area. The shortcodes are located in visual tab of the WYSIWYG editor, navigate to any Page or Post to find the Themewich Shortcodes. 

All of the Themewich Shortcodes are located in a dropdown menu within the WYSIWYG editor toolbar. Place the cursor where you would like the shortcode to appear. Next, click the arrow next to the brackets icon to see the full list of shortcodes. To add the shortcode, select it from the list, fill out the required information and then select the “Insert “ button. 

Individual Shortcodes 

For information on the shortcodes included with the plugin and how to use them please download the  Themewich Shortcodes Plugin User Guide.